Denture Care and Fitting Types

If a tooth is lost or extracted, or if as is often the case in older people, all teeth are lost, dentures are readily available. It is possible to replace single teeth, or have a partial or even complete set of these false teeth made to suit any one individual.


Four Main Types of Denture Fittings

  • Fixed Partial Set (Fixed Bridge). Either one or more false tooth is inserted and held between two healthy teeth. This kind of bridge is non removable.
  • Removable Partial Dentures. The inserted false teeth are held by clasps, and held in position by adjacent natural teeth. These false teeth are removable.
  • Complete Denture Set. As is often the case in the elderly, a complete set of dentures can replace all lost teeth.
  • Dental Implants.Used as a support for either false teeth or dental bridges. It is necessary to have both healthy gums and good teeth bone for this operation.


Taking Care of Dentures

It is as necessary to care for false teeth just as much as care would be taken of natural teeth, the following examples should be a guide for good denture care,

  • Clean the false teeth each day, both Plaque and Tarter can still build up just like on natural teeth.
  • Brush the dentures each evening with a soft toothbrush, before sleeping. Remove the false teeth, and gently clean and massage the gums.
  • Soak the dentures overnight in a dental cleaning solution (AlkaSeltzer) or a solution of half/half water and vinegar.
  • Make sure to have any false teeth, bridges or implants regularly checked, as the shape of the mouth can change. Implants can be treated as natural teeth but are not as strong!

It should be noted that for people with complete or partial sets of false teeth, they can still be exposed to gum disease around any remaining natural teeth. Be sure to seek dental advice at the first signs of any gum discomfort.