Teeth Whitening

For a brilliant, white smile, dentists use the latest technology in in-office teeth whitening including the use of Plasma Arc lighting systems, as well as self-activated teeth whitening agents resulting in that bright, white smile you’ve been looking for. 

The power bleaching process removes years of stains and yellowing. In many cases, dentists can achieve up to eight and nine shades whiter for some patients. Dentists will be highly trained and have talented staff to make your teeth whitening session quick, easy and comfortable. 

Plasma Arc lighting systems are painless and completely safe and provide amazing results. In as little as 1 hour, you won’t believe your eyes. You won’t believe your smile! 

Dentists isolate all of the gum tissue surrounding the teeth to be whitened and apply a thin layer of 37% hydrogen peroxide mixed with a beta carotine gel (light absorbing) to the facial side of the teeth and let it go to work. They will occasionally shine a plasma-arc light source on the teeth to speed the process, although this new method is completely self-activated (no laser or light of any kind is needed). When you sit up in the chair about an hour later, you have a new smile! 

For the first 24 hours, it is critical to avoid eating or drinking anything with dyes, pigments, or a lot of color as your teeth will soak up that color and could re-stain the teeth immediately. 

Finally, be aware, there is a little sensitivity involved usually lasting the remainder of the day. Take a couple of aspirin or Motrin prior to the appointment and you should be comfortable the rest of the day.