Air Abrasion – Cavities

When you visit the dentist for a cavity filling, you might be surprised by the Air Abrasion technology used. This technique doesn’t require any local anesthetic, and that loud drill noise will be absent. Isn’t technology great?  

Air Abrasion works by propelling tiny, harmless particles of aluminum oxide into the cavity, without ever physically touching the tooth. Air abrasion is very exact and can pinpoint minuscule amounts of decay while leaving the unaffected part of the tooth intact. 

When dentists use Air Abrasion to clean a cavity, you will feel a burst of cool air in your mouth. You may also feel some gritty particles on your tongue, but they are perfectly harmless and will be rinsed out after the dental procedure is over. The dentist may have you wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. 

Air Abrasion is most effective for small cavities in the early stages of development. It can also be used to repair minor chips in your teeth, remove light stains, and repair certain fillings. 

Some dentists have spent many years using the Air Abrasion method and will determine whether you are a candidate for the dental procedure, based on the amount of decay in the tooth.