Regular Check Ups

A beautiful smile is a healthy smile. To keep your teeth at their healthiest, we recommend visiting a hygienist every six months for a thorough cleaning. During your dentistry appointment the hygienist will remove any hardened plaque that has accumulated, which is an important step in preventing Gum Disease. They will then clean your teeth and give you advice about how to properly brush and floss your teeth to prevent plaque build-up. 

The hygienist will also check your dental record to see how long it has been since you had routine x-rays. The doctor then uses digital x-rays, which emit very low radiation. The x-rays will be examined to determine if there are any trouble spots that need attention. 

After your teeth have been cleaned, the hygienist will examine each tooth and make a note of anything that looks unusual or may require another visit. When they have finished, the dentist will look at your teeth, paying special attention to any notes the hygienist has made. 

When you leave, you will likely receive a brand-new toothbrush so you can keep your smile looking its brightest. Make this your New Year’s resolution!